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Our wines

Our wine is the mutual product of a winegrower’s and a wine makers’s hard work. Grapes from each vineyard receive maximum care and unique treatment.
Our grapes are always hand-picked. The results of our hard work can be seen but mainly tasted in the glass.
Adam Sykora wines are characteristic for their freshness, lightness, and typical characteristics of the given varieties. No matter which of our wines you choose from, you will always experience the uniqueness of the selected variety and be surprised by the pureness of aromas and flavours.

There are only a handful, carefully selected wine varieties (regarding to our terroir) that you can enjoy under the Adam Sykora brand.  The result of our narrow specialisation is exceptional quality and uniqueness.

Our story

Founded in 2009, Sykora Fine Wines company represents a new generation of Slovak wine maker with the ambition to transform each bunch of grapes into a delicious work of art. The winery is managed by a young wine maker - Adam Sykora.


We are a small winery where quality is our passport to the world of wine lovers. We fuse modern technologies and traditional winegrowing values, which is reflected in our label with the motive of a traditional jug.

Our winery is located in the heart of the Little Carpathians mountains, in the picturesque village of Limbach, renowned for its winemaking tradition.


We also try to tear down the prejudice against less preferred varieties. You will surely appreciate the flavour of the nearly forgotten, unique, and truly Slovak wine, typical Limbacher Sylvaner, a variety worthy of its old fame that we are trying to bring back. Our Sylvaner is not only produced in the best possible quality, but it is also given increased attention in the field of marketing.


Degustation and events

Degustation, conference, workshop or you would like to sit with glass of wine - no problem
In our premises we can join together 30 person. Degustation sessions are provided by wine maker Adam Sykora. Events includes catering on your own request.

In case of any questions or demand please do not hesitate to contact us at

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